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Computer Care Center :: Laptop Parts by Model :: Acer :: Aspire :: Aspire 2010 Series :: K02110217 Laptop Keyboard for Acer Aspire 2010 Series

K02110217 Laptop Keyboard for Acer Aspire 2010 Series #SKU18639
K02110217 Laptop Keyboard for Acer Aspire 2010 Series  -Laptop Keyboard for Acer Aspire 2010 Series
-P/N:PK13ZLH0100, K02110217
-Colour: Black
-Layout: US

- Item condition: New
- Warranty: 1 Month(s)
Acer TravelMate 290, 290D 290E 4050 Extensa 2350 Extensa 2900E keyboard - KB.T350C.002 KB.T350C.002
New replacement Acer KB.T350C.002 keyboard. Compatible with:
Acer TravelMate 290 (TM290D, TM290E, TM290LCi, TM290LMi, TM290X, TM290XCi, TM290Xi, TRM290XMi, TM290XVi)
Acer TravelMate 291 (TM291LCi, TM291LMi, TM291FXCi, TMFLMi, TM291XCi)
Acer TravelMate 292 (TM292LCi, TM292LMi, TM292XCi, TM292FXCi, TM292FLMi, TM292EXC, TM292EFXC, TM292EXCi,TM292ELCi,292ELMi, TM292EFX, TMEFXCi)
Acer TravelMate 2350 (TM2355LCi, TM2355XC, TM2356XM)
Acer TravelMate 4050 (TM4052LCi)
Acer Part Numbers: KB.T350C.002, KBT350C002, PK13ZLH0100, K02110217, WK629K, KB.T350C.005, KBT350C005, PK13ZLH0100, K02110217, WK629K

Quantity5 item(s) available
Weight2.00 lbs
Price: CAD$65.99 (USD$ 65.33)


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