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Computer Care Center :: Laptop Parts by Model :: HP Pavilion ze2000 Power Connector Board

HP Pavilion ze2000 Power Connector Board #SKU16971
HP Pavilion ze2000 Power Connector Board  - P/N: DAOCT2PB6D8
- Item condition: Pre-owned
- Warranty: 1 Month(s)

In stock now ready to ship in 24 hours

QuantityNo item(s) available
Weight1.00 lbs
Price: CAD$29.49 (USD$ 29.20)

Quantity Out of stock


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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Enver Coban (

    the HP Pavilion ze2000 Power Connector Board #SKU16971 is out of stock.
    When did you get it back and is it possible to ship it to germany??

    Thanks Enver

    Author: Lauralyn Johnson (
    When will this part be in stock?

    Author: Pemmablenem
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