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Computer Care Center :: Help & FAQs :: How do I ask a new question?

How do I ask a new question?

How Do I Ask a New Question :

All registered users has access to "MY ASSISTANT" a realtime message board that keeps track of all converstaions such as account inquiries, balance, order & repair status check. For sales, marketing, comments, suggestions and all other inquires, please use the contact form

Step 1: Please log in from any page at the top right coner.



Step 2: Click on Forum Control Panel from the right hand of the page



Step 3: You will be forwarded to the tech forum user control panel, please click on "MY ASSISTANT"



Step 4: To ask a new question, please scroll down to "POST TICKET", first select a relevent subject, if you are inquiring about repair or order status, please be sure to include the associated repair / order number. Type your message in the message box, and click send.


Step 5: Your message will be posted on the "MESSAGE BOARD" just above the "POST TICKET", you can come back to this page to check for replies and add follow up questions. By default, you'll receive email notification everytime your ticket is updated by one of our support personnel.

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