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Computer Care Center :: Help & FAQs :: e Book PCCare Utilities Suite 2007

e Book PCCare Utilities Suite 2007


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Introducing PCCare Utilities Suite 2007

  • Boot up any type of laptop or PC, no operating system required!
  • Start your PC even when Hard Drive is infected with virus or spyware!
  • Boot on start with user friendly graphic menu! (see screenshots below)
  • Easily to use, get started with only a few simple mouse clicks!
  • Become a PC repair expert in just a few hours!
Easy to follow flowcharts:
  • Pre-diagnosed solutions, perfect for rescuing your defective PCs
  • A unique visual approach to troubleshooting PC hardware and software problems
  • Excellent visual expert system for diagnosing pc component failure and conflicts
  • Blue screen error message or auto shutdown
  • Computer reboots randomly
  • Black screen when powered on or dead
  • Boot failure, freezes before windows loads
  • Windows doesn't recongise IDE drive
  • High speed Internet Network Troubleshoot
  • A setp guide to recover lost password
  • Data recovery after Windows had crashed
  • Conflict troubleshooting
  • Sound troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting PC Hardware and software


Screen Shots:


PCCare Utilities Suite 2007

[Main Menu]

[Sub Menu]

[Dianostic Flowcharts]


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