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Shipping Guide
Computer Care recommend shipping box from official postal service to pack all electronic goods. Alternatively, any sturdy and durable carton box may be substituted. Its size should be at a reasonable proportion to the laptop, preferably 2 to 3 times larger. All materials should be bubble wrapped. AC adapters and other peripherals should be wrapped individually and positioned on the side of the laptop (DO NOT place them on the top) Do not forget to include all software/ CD/manuals /recovery disk if available. Include all peripherals that require setting or installation. It is also recommended to use stuffing around the laptop, such as bubble wrap or mail fillings. A good package should not allow laptop to move inside the box. No package should be left uninsured. Computer Care is not responsible for damaged goods due to shipping or mishandling. All incoming shipments requires an RMA or order number, this information must be visible from the exterior of the packaging; failure to include the RMA or order number may delay our service. All outgoing products are returned to you with default insurance value of $1000 CAD unless otherwise specifically requested. A tracking code will be provided automatically by the courier .  
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