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Do you need any soldering work or catered repairs? We offer a variety range of repair services including flex cable repair, CCFL soldering, motherboard chipset component repair... etc, contact us today!

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Computer Care Center :: Help & FAQs :: Repair Glossary

Repair Glossary

Repair Ticket Glossary

Request received: Our system has successfully received your repair request and has generated a repair ticket number for your reference.

Waiting for shipment: We are waiting for your repairs to be shipped to us either via our free shipping courier or from you own self shipping.

Diagnosis in progress: Our technicians has received the repaired items and is in the process of the initial examination.

Waiting for parts: Your repairs requires parts from a third party agency. We have proceeded with the order and is waiting on that parts.

Pre-Arranged pickup: Your items has been repaired or returned back and you have been notified for local pickup and or payment.

Waiting for payment: Your item has been repaired and your online bill has been prepared ready to accept payment.

Completed: Your item has been been repaired and shipped out. Your repair ticket has been closed.

Expired: Your item has expired because you failed to pick them up within 30days of notifications. A fee may apply for retrieval. Please refer to our ToS.

For general repair time frame and repair estimate, please see Repair Center for details

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