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Computer Care Center :: Help & FAQs :: How to create a repair ticket?

How to create a repair ticket?

Creating a Repair Ticket:

Part A
The first part of this tutorial is a guide to register an account for our web site. A registered account allows you access to the tech forum, shop in the marketplace and also creating repair tickets. If you already have an account, please skip to step 5

Part B

Now That you have an account, let's create a repair ticket ! Note you'll need to create one repair ticket for each item, however you can ship or bring all items at the same time.


Part A:

Step 1: Start off by clicking on the repair ticket button at the upper right, please see PIC01



Step 2: Now, please  fill out all the required details. Note: Only the red * is required. Make sure to use a valid email address



Step 3: If you do not fill out all the required information you will get an error message.



Step 4: Click submit and check your email, note the "from" and the "subject" field. (In most cases, the email will arrive instantly, If you do not receive the confirmation email after 24 hours, please search your spam or junk folder and add our email to your safe list for future communications. ) Click on the blue link to activate your account. Make note of your username and password, you can now login to create a repair ticket.



Part B :

Step 5: Click on the repair ticket button at the top of the web page.



Step 6: If you are not logged in, you'll see the PIC06, enter your username and password then click GO. If you do not see this page, skip to step 7.



Step 7: When you're logged in, you'll see the page below, just fill out all necessary fields with red * and hit submit



Step 8: Verify all your information, and click "click here to confirmation". You ticket will be lost and will NOT be submitted if you do not click to confirm.



Step 9: This is your repairs detail page, note the repair number, you'll need to refer to this when requesting the status of your repair. You can later come back to this page by log in and click "repairs history" from your user control panel on the right.



Step 10: You'll receive an email to confirm your repair request, the email will include instructions on how you can ship or bring your item(s) to us. Please do not heist ate to use the trade-in box to ask questions.


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