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Do you need any soldering work or catered repairs? We offer a variety range of repair services including flex cable repair, CCFL soldering, motherboard chipset component repair... etc, contact us today!

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Laptop Parts by Type
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HP dv 8000 17.1" LCD CABLE
SKU: SKU21907
HP dv 8000 17.1" LCD CABLE
See details

Market price: CAD$44.99
Our price: CAD$33.99
(USD$ 33.65), save 24%
V000921290 Toshiba Satellite M40 Modem Cover
SKU: SKU18571
V000921290 Toshiba Satellite M40 Modem Cover
See details

Market price: CAD$10.00
Our price: CAD$6.00
(USD$ 5.94), save 40%


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