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Old 05-17-2010, 12:31 PM
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Default How To Reduce Laptop Fan Noise

Laptops are very handy tools, but it doesnít mean that theyíre perfect. One of the most common problems that can occur with laptops is their persistent fan noise. If you yourself are experiencing this minor irritation, be encouraged by the fact that there are many ways to remedy this problem. Here are some of the ways that you could reduce your laptopís fan noise:

1. Install relevant program for your laptop. You could tackle this problem via installing programs such as Nero Drive Speed, which effectively reduces your optical drives speed; Cool níQuiet (for AMD) and SpeedStep (for Intel) which are power saving technology that helps reduce the heat on your laptopís internal drives.

You could also install programs that enable you to monitor and regulate your laptopís temperature. Some of these programs include CoreDuoTemp and smcFan Control (for Apple laptops), and Speedfan. You could download Speedfan at websites such as

2. Check the programs that are running. Laptop fans always work but at a slow rate, to regulate the temperature of the hardware. The time that laptop fans become too loud is usually when there are too many programs being run at the same time, and the laptop is in danger of overheating. Check your Task Manager (simply press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del) and see the programs that are running. Close one or two of these programs and your laptop fan should turn less noisily.

3. Put a tape over the laptopís ventilation grill. Most of the time, the fan noise is intensified by the way the air passes through the ventilation grill or the air vent at the laptopís side. You could remedy this situation by placing a small piece of electric tape over the middle part of the vent. Do remember that this is just a temporary solution to the problem.

4. Clean out the vent. Itís possible that the air circulation in the laptop is being restricted by dirt and lint. Have it cleaned by a laptop specialist. You can also try spraying the vent with a can of compressed air to clear out the spaces.

5. Defragment the hard drives. Defragmenting refers to organizing your hard drive space. This will help your laptop run more efficiently, thus reducing the need for the laptop fan to work at higher speeds.

6. Read the manual. Youíd be able to find out how you can adjust your laptop fanís revolutions per minute. You may also find how you would be able to determine the temperature your laptop should be maintained in; do be careful not to regulate the temperature too high, as this could cause internal damage to your laptop.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you can effectively reduce laptop fan noise. Remember, these are just some easy remedies but itís always best to have your laptop checked by a professional, especially if you find that the laptop fan noise is consistently bothering you. This may be a symptom of a deeper technical problem that needs to be addressed right away. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!

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