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Old 04-15-2008, 11:07 PM
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Default Meanings of hard disk (Western Digital) serial number

Meanings of hard disk (Western Digital) serial number

Serial number of Western Digital is generally composed of main number and additional number. Probably the company mostly focused on the market of OEM, Western Digital only paid attention to the capacity symbol of main number for the long run, and didn’t release the specific meaning of additional number to retail market. So I just deduced from some materials I read about. Western Digital coding form:
WD <><5><6>-<7.8><9><10><11.12>, 1-6 is the main number while 7-12 is additional number.please take a look: thank you!
Apparently, “WD” represents “Western Digital”, which tell you this is the product of Western Digital Company.
Main number part: <> is composed of 3 to 4 numbers, which represents the size of hard disk, with 100MB as a unit. Such as 4numbers of “1200” means “120GB”, 3 numbers of “800” represents “80GB”. It is same as Seagate.
<5> represents the rotate speed and size of the hard disk. Such as “A” represents 5400 r/m (round/min),”B” represents 7200 r/m, “J” 7200r/m and 8 MB cache.
<6> represents interface type of hard disk. “A” represents Ultra ATA 66 interface, “B” is Ultra ATA 100 interface.
Additional number part:
<7.8> represents OEM customer symbol. If these two numbers are “00”, then it means the product is for detail market. If they are other characters then it means the code of OEM customer. Different numbers to different OEM customers.
<9> represents single disc capacity. Such as “C” means 40GB single disc capacity. “D” represents 66GB, while “E” represents 83GB.
<10> represents the version number of same serial products, and it varies from different series. Take an example of 40GB product:

“A” represents 7200r/m, Ultra ATA 100 interface of BB series.

“B” represents 5400r/m, Ultra ATA 66 interface of AB series

“P” represents 5400r/m, Ultra ATA 100 interface of EB series

“R” represents 7200r/m, Ultra ATA 100 interface and 8MB cache of JB series

Among single disc 66GB and 83GB products, there are other letters such as “U”,”V” etc. which represent JB series and BB series products respectively.

<11,12> represents the Firmware version of hard disk. Now most popular one is “A0”. For example, “WD2500JB-00EVA0” disk code means it is a product of Western Digital Company, with 250GB, 7200r/m and 8MB cache. From following additional number, we can tell it is for retail market, with a single disc capacity of 83GB.


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