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Old 01-31-2008, 05:34 AM
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Default methods for laptop maintenance (2)

methods for laptop maintenance (2)



* When dust pile, clean little aperture with small brush or high-voltage whiff pot used for cleaning camera lens, which can blow dust out or clean the dust and chipping on the keyboard with a palm dust collector.
* Clean the surface, dip a little detergent on soft cloth, wipe keyboard gently when shut down your system.

Hard Disk

* Try to use when it is stable, avoid operating computer at the some places easy to shaky
* Boot and shut down processes are the most frangible time hard disk puts through. At that time, the disk axletree hasn’t got to its stable rotation speed, when tremor attacks, it is easily to cause bad track. So suggest moving laptop about ten minutes later after you shut down the machine.
* Recombine and scan hard disk average once each month to improve the save and access efficiency.


* Avoid using floppy disk with bad appearance or even goes moldy
* Buy a floppy driver cleaning patch to clean read-write magnetic head in a period of time.


* Use an cleaning CD to clean laser read-write head
* Place the CD into the optical driver with your both hands, one hold CD salver, and the other fixup the CD avoiding distortion of DV salver.

Touch pad

* Make sure your hands are clean when using the touch pad, avoiding the cursor moving in disorder.
* If it is dirty with incaution by accident, dip one corner with dry cloth, then wipe the surface of the touch pad gently, and make sure don’t use some coarse cloth to clean it.
* Touch pad is an inductive precision electric component, please don’t write on it with some thing aculeated, and it can’t be stress heavily in case cause damages.

Thermal Dissipation

* Generally speaking, laptop manufactory will reduce the heat produced by fan, heat pipe, large thermal fin and heat hole etc.
* For power saving and noiseless, the fan inside laptop doesn’t work all the time. It starts only when CPU temperature gets some certain high.
* Place laptop on some soft articles, such as bed, sofa, might cause the block of thermal hole, which reduces the heat effect and lower operation efficiency, even cause it strikes.

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