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Old 09-09-2008, 05:01 AM
enrique1985 enrique1985 is offline
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Smile Windows Server 2003 optimization technique

In order to attract more enterprise users, Microsoft researched Windows Server 2003 for servers (next we call it Server 2003 for short). For server’s characteristics, Server 2003 specially optimized the kernel, which makes it more proper for server to run. If you want Server 2003 to apply to stand-alone machine, then you have to make some adjustment, restarting the default closed workstation service, removing those useless server functions. Considering that many guys hope to install and use Server 2003 on normal pc, next we will introduce the technique to optimize and adjust it.

  1. Manual optimization technique
    Auto login
    When Server 2003 logs in, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del combination. However, you could change this login way, choosing an account to auto log in the system. Here’s the method: click “Start/Management Tools/Local security policies”, on the left side of the form, find “Local policies—Security options”. And then to find “Alternative Log on: without pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’” on the right side pane, double click it to “Enable” it.

    Accelerate display
    Right click on desktop to open Display properties, remove all options in “Appearance/Effect”, and close “Wallpaper” and “Screensaver”.

    Optimize explorer
    Double click “My computer”, and click “Tools/Folder options/General”, select “Use Windows classic folders”; remove all options except “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and “Hide extensions for known file types”; use “List” form in “View”, display contents with smallest icon and information.

    Delete backup for hardware drivers
    There’s a file driver.cad under system drive directory Windows\Driver\Cache\ i 3 8 6, sound card is disabled, enable it, the measure is: go to control panel, click “Sound/Enable”, and then restart it and set it to display in taskbar; then start audio accelerating, keyed Services.msc in Run dialog and press Enter. Double click to start the service Windows Audio, and set the “Start type” as “Auto”, click “Accept”, and then click “Enable and start the service”; finally keyed “dxdiag” to Run textbox and press Enter, open “Sound option card”, drag the slide bar of “Hardware Sound Acceleration Level” to “Full” extent.

    Start image capture service
    To use some video devices such as webcam, digital camera, scanner, you have to start image capture service. Here’s the method: keyed Services.msc in Run dialog and press Enter, find and double click the service Windows ImageAcquisition (WIA), change the “Start type” as “Auto”, and click “Start” button.

    Start CD burning service
    By default settings, Server 2003 could not burn CDs, so you should start CD burning service. Here’s the method: enter “Service” window, find the item “IMAPI CD-BurningCOM Service”, double click it to show Setup window, change the “Start type” as “Auto”, and click “Start” button.

    Delete useless Windows components
    In Server 2003 there’re many components that individual users rarely need to install. You just need to preserve “Update root certificate”, other components could be deleted all. Click “Control Panel/Add or remove programs” to delete them.

    Disable automatic update
    Right click “My computer”, select “System properties/Automatic update”, remove the option to keep my computer latest.

    Close remote assistant
    Right click “My computer”, and select “System properties/Remote”, I suggest you to close all remote assistant options.

    Close event track program
    Click “Start/Run”, enter gpedit.msc to open group policy editor, click “Computer Configuration/Administrative Template/System”, and double click “Display the event track close program”, and set it as “Disabled”.

  2. optimize Server 2003 by tools
    You could also use some special tools to optimize Server 2003, such as Windows 2003 optimization master V1.1 (here’s the download address , Windows 2003 optimization tools ( )) and W2k3setup_hh and so on. They are all system optimization tools specially developed for Windows Server 2003.
    These tools build in many optimization options such as multimedia, application, game, which could improve running efficiency of Server 2003 and accelerate system running speed. Next let’s take the example of Windows 2003 optimization master, we’ll introduce the detailed usage:
    Decompress the download compression (decompression code is">, and then click “Windows 2003Reg.exe” to run it. The tool has three menus “General options”, “Multimedia options”, “system optimization”. When you optimize system, you could switch between different option cards, choose related project and then click “OK” button to ensure modification.
    In Server 2003, there’re less available tools for users, if you want to add some programs (such as MSN, classic little games etc.), then you have to install from Windows XP installer disc. Besides, when you add, I suggest you to ensure the network connection is OK, for some functions may need support of network, such as to add MSN, actually, it takes you to some website which could help you download MSN.

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Old 09-25-2009, 03:57 AM
sweety222 sweety222 is offline
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The presentation started by telling a story about a typical company that created its first application. This app used Windows Authentication so life was easy . However business grew over time and they ended up with multiple applications, each one with its own identity repository, different authentication methods, support users accessing from intranet, internet, extranet, cloud, and so on and so forth. I grab this diagram from Stuart Kwan presentation from the Genevea Product Team (so thanks Stuart for the cool representation).

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Old 10-13-2011, 11:49 PM
Bymnsnapy Bymnsnapy is offline
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Default Games online Gra

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