Windows Password Hack- How to remove Windows Password on your laptop

Last month when my friend bought a laptop, he create a complex Windows login password to bolster the privacy of his laptop. Unfortunaly, he couldn't remember the spelling of his own password next day and he unable to use his laptop. There are many Windows password recovery softwares, but many of them are too costly. I suggested to use Windows password key 8.0 which publish by PasswordSeeker, the leading developer of windows password reset tools for major corportions, schools, govenment, law enforcement, home and business users internationally. Here I don't want to repeat (you can view more here:

For notebook, the best password is not easy to set, because the notebook boot password is not as a PC, as stored in CMOS circuit in change, a new notebook password is stored in he motherboard, we can not easy to resolve it, so to change the lock laptop password, sometimes waste people a lot of time and money.
Follow usual method, you may be able to boot your notebook.