I purchased Toshiba top of the line Qosimo 25-AV213 laptop in December. It was rated as the best buy by Cnet. Immediately I had problems with the Touch Pad. It was replaced twice, but problem still existed. After then having the motherboard replaced twice, the computer stopped working all together. I spoke with Toshiba customer service and Toshiba customer relations. I asked for a replacement, since they were unable to repair it.Toshiba says they DO NOT have a replacement program.After a total time of 6-7 hours on the phone with them on numerous occasions, I asked for a supervisor, in which she said they had none. Then when I asked for Toshiba corporate customer sevice email, she said she could not give out that information. I cannot find a customer servic email anywhere. I finally sent it off, and purchased a Averec to use in the meanwhile. I will never ever,ever, buy a Toshiba product again. Their cust omer service is non-existent. When I do get the unit back I will sell it for the first person with $1000. Any help out there? ______________________ Buy Testosterone Undecanoate payday loan