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bigfoot 01-31-2008 05:37 AM

methods for laptop maintenance (1)

methods for laptop maintenance (2)

I think every laptop user cares about how to maintain laptop and keep it in good condition. This article introduces is about some maintenance techniques for each component of laptop, essentials of data backup, and solutions for typical failures etc. it instructs us how to use laptop properly, extend laptopís using life, and at the same time to assure the safety of data. Besides, there are so many laptop manufacturers, which provide different special services of their own. Here are some introductions for you, taking ASUS laptop service system for example.

1. Basic maintenance for laptop

LCD Panel

* If the laptop wonít be used for a long time, we can shut down the power for LCD screen by pressing functional keys on the keyboard, which is not only for power saving but also extension for LCD using life..
* Donít cover the up-lid of LCD screen forcibly or just place some thing between keyboard and screen, in case that the inside components broken by heavy press on the up-lid glass.
* Please donít touch the surface of the screen with your finger nails or something aculeate, in case left any scratches
* The surface of the LCD screen will absorb dust because of static. Suggest cleaning the screen using specified cleaning fabric for LCD screen. Avoiding tapping with your fingers, in case finger marks left, and you should wipe gently.
* Donít clean the screen with chemical detergent.


* Without any external power, if PCMCIA socket is not necessary at that time temporarily suggest remove the card to extend using time of battery.
* Room temperature (20-30 degree) is the best for battery to work; overheating or over low temp environment will reduce using time.
* Provided there is a stable power supply outside, removing battery will extend using life for battery. This idea is actually untrue. As far as ASUA laptop, after the battery fully charged, the charging circuit will end automatically in the battery, so over charging is not gonna to happen.
* Suggest that power proofread should be taken average once each three months.
* AC Adapter is referenced by international voltage specification.


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