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bigfoot 10-23-2009 05:57 PM

Basic Repairing for Overheating
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Please review below some common laptop failures that can repair for you. If you want have a look the picture, please get a free registration and login. thanks. [free] The basic repairing is an effective way in dealing with slightly overheating. This method does not require opening the laptop case. [img=1] Step1. There are several tools required in this method: 1. A small clean brush. 2. A bottle of compressed air. 3. A few cotton swabs (in some cases, the full swab will not fit, peel off as much cotton as needed to reduce the swab's size) [/free] [img=2] 2). Please make sure the AC adapter and battery are removed from the laptop. Place the laptop on a levelled surface. Flip the laptop and find the location of the CPU fan (for some models, the opening can be on the side of the laptop). [img=3] 3). Use the cotton swabs clean the edge of the opening. Gently brush and remove any stuck-on dust or "fur balls" inside the laptop. [img=4] 4). For most laptops, the cooling airflow travel from one entrance to other. Please use cotton swabs clean both entrances. [img=5] 5). Use the compressed air to blow away all the remaining dust. Reach deep into the laptop and clean the dust on the CPU fan. Please click here to continue

Melinda 09-26-2011 08:44 PM

Thanks for this information. My laptop has been overheating quite a bit lately, and it never occurred to me to clean the vent openings. I cleaned my laptop as you described, and I can already tell a difference. I am considering biting the bullet and buying a new one though. Can anyone advise me on where might be a good place to start looking? call 613-742-7233

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